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Happy Holidays

This is an animated video I did as part of CNN’s 12 days of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.  For some reason, animation and holidays go together pretty naturally.  Maybe because there are not too many partridges in pear trees in the real world.  My colleague Bruno DeGazio did the music and we both sang (very badly) in his recording studio.

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Wings of the Sea

This is a film project that I contributed 3D models and animation for the Auklet.  This was part of a grant to help inform and shed light on the sea birds of the pacific.  It is currently being screened at the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay


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Why I Vote video

It’s that time of year where politics are ripe.  One thing that is playing a prominent role are videos…whether they are attack ads, satire, funding pleas, or pundits debating the minutiae, I wanted to chime in on this phenomenon.  This video is a response to the NY Times invite to produce short videos on why are we going to vote this year.

The film was published in the NY TIMES…

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Lives of Lou, “Why America”

This is one of many stories my late grandfather told me in the winter of 2005.  I’ll post all of them at one point.  He’s not the most “sensitive” or “politically correct” but I still love him and his sense of story.  He has a few.

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