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Happy Holidays

This is an animated video I did as part of CNN’s 12 days of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.  For some reason, animation and holidays go together pretty naturally.  Maybe because there are not too many partridges in pear trees in the real world.  My colleague Bruno DeGazio did the music and we both sang (very badly) in his recording studio.


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Demo Reel retrospective

A highlight of my independent work…

Here are some of the highlights:

  • MTV’s Cartoon Sushi
  • CNN 12 Days of Christmas
  • $100,000 South Carolina Film Grant
  • 2 films in the 1999 CalArts Producers Show
  • Spike and Mike
  • Tech TV
  • IFC
  • PBS

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Political Animations

In addition to my political cartoons I am now producing animations based on current events.  Though things come and go real fast so animation has to be timely and you have to be willing to spend more hours and less payoff if a subject material has passed its freshness date.  I was a few days late with the Egyptian uprising, but I hope this has captured the mood and sentiment in Egypt…

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Atlanta Shorts on PBS

Appalachian Dreams will be on the air in Atlanta Shorts this weekend…

Atlanta Shorts

Saturdays at 1:00am and Sundays at 12:00 midnight

PBA 30 is showcasing the work of Atlanta independent filmmakers with a great half-hour, weekly series. Hosted by Atlanta actress-singer Debra McDavid, Atlanta Shorts features several one- to 10-minute films in each program.

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12 Days of Christmas on CNN

CNN will be doing a special 12 days of christmas video.  I was happy to participate and one of my animations…”3 French Hens” aired on CNN Thursday morning.  We’ll see what the final video actually looks like!


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How to Draw John Boehner on CNN

My political video, “How to Draw John Boehner” has aired on CNN.


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