Lake Ouentirok (Simcoe) Hamilton Film Festival, Nov 7th 2015



Hamilton International Film Festival will be screening my film Saturday Nov 7th!


logo haida gwaii film festival

My film had it’s international premiere at the Haida Gwaii Film Festival this March at the Haida Queen Charlotte Skidegate Island located in the British Columbia Archipelago.  I am quite honored to have a film world premiere at a First Nations screening.  I lived in the Pacific Northwest for some time and have a strong connection to the environment.  So I am very pleased to have had the film screened in such a wonderful place.  I hope to return at one point and partake in this great festival.

In addition to the B.C. screening, the Toronto Short Film Festival screened the film March 20th at the Carleton Theatre next the Maple Leaf Gardens in Downtown Toronto…



Lake Ouentironk, Huron Wyandot for ‘Beautiful Waters’, or Lake Simcoe as it is know today, is a large fresh water lake north of Toronto, Ontario.  This film explores the lake in it’s natural habitat before Samuel de Champlain visited the area over 400 years ago.  Lake Ouentrionk is an animated landscape that incorporates traditional water color painting to create a vibrant and moving picture to capture the various seasons as well as the fluid changes of water, land and sky of this wonderful area.




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