Appalachian Dreams Film Screening


“Appalachian Dreams” is a celebration of upstate South Carolinian heritage and mountain culture. I received a grant from the South Carolina Film Commission to produce this film. Bill Nichols, the “founder” of contemporary clog dancing, is the star of the film. Bill has taught just about every contemporary clog instructor in the country. The film was shot on location at the Hagood Mill in Pickens, SC. The film is a combination of live action which was produced by the Fine Arts High School at Wade Hampton in Greenville, SC and 3D digital animation by Digital Production Arts grad students in Clemson University.

I wanted to combine the arts and crafts of southern Appalachian culture and merge it with the state of the art digital 3D animation technology to create an entertaining film that could spur interest in the art form of clogging and the cultural history of the Hagood mill. The music is an arrangement done by Ed Bolt the site manager of the mill who performs with a group of musicians an original form of of music called “Old Time Music” that predates Bluegrass. I hope to screen the film at festivals through out North America and the world and eventually on television like ETV and North Carolina Public TV and clogging festivals and workshops to generate interest and motivate kids to take up this wonderful dance. 


An old clogger performs a traditional southern Appalachian clog dance to mountain music from a traditional bluegrass band. After a full evening of vigorous dance, the exhausted clogger returns to his cabin and removes his shoes before heading upstairs to bed. Once the old man retires upstairs, the clock ticks to a rhythm that is echoed with the wooden toy band on the mantel. The shoes starts to tap to the rhythm and soon the toy band breaks into a lively up beat tempo bluegrass jam. This causes the shoes to break into a lively jig that ultimately destroys the entire cabin awakening the old man and to his astonishment finds something else in those shoes!


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