A New Tradition

My latest animation film is based on the art quilts of two extraordinary quilters, Dixie Haywood and Dottie Moore. I met the artists while attending a gallery opening at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens. This beautiful place housed their quilts and I find inspiration every time I visit. I was very excited about working with Dixie and Dottie, they were so receptive in allowing me to work with their quilts in a digital realm. I was attracted to using a traditional medium such as quilt fabric but in a digital twist.

I used Photoshop to tear apart their quilts and reassmbled them to work with animation. I found myself making virtual patterns and colors with nothing but a mouse and a wacom digital tablet. But don’t be FOOLED, it was tedious work! The computer cannot read minds and so I had to go in sometimes, stitch by stitch to faithfully recreate the illusion of fabric. After such work, I have such great respect for quilters as they apply their crafts in the real physical world.

Dixie and Dottie both take traditional quilting and break the rules subtly and abruptly. They refer to themselves not necessarily as quilters but quilt craftpersons, an interesting coinage. The music is from very talented and established banjo player, Charles Wood, who has performed with Earl Scruggs and Steve Martin on the Late Show with David Letterman. Taking all these great South Carolinians and combining them into a one complete project is what film making and animation is all about. You take the best of ALL medium and I was fortunate enough to work with these great artists. Normally my subject material is all in my head, but there is some kind of liberation when you adapt from others. It’s a huge learning process that I constantly crave. Even though I am an educator by trade, I cannot exist in this world without constantly pursuing my own learning. It drives and feeds me.

The film is currently being submitted to various festivals and I plan on posting a snippet on youtube very soon, so stay tuned!


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One response to “A New Tradition

  1. Todd

    The cuts with the leaves falling of the tree’s in time with the music is cool!

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