Lake Ouentirok (Simcoe)

Lake Ouentironk, Huron Wyandot for ‘Beautiful Waters’, or Lake Simcoe as it is know today, is a large fresh water lake north of Toronto, Ontario.  This film explores the lake in it’s natural habitat before Samuel de Champlain visited the area over 400 years ago.  Lake Ouentrionk is an animated landscape that incorporates traditional water color painting to create a vibrant and moving picture to capture the various seasons as well as the fluid changes of water, land and sky of this wonderful area.






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River Run Screening Saturday 10am



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Obama and Putin, one on one

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Kickin’ Mule

Kickin’ Mule will have its East Coast Premiere at the River Run International Film Festival

This is a premiere film festival in the southeastern US and I am excited to be part of the festival since it is a perfect venue for my film as it is based conceptually in this region.

Kickin’ Mule had its premiere at the St. Louis International Film Festival at the Tivoli Theatre in November.

This is a shot from an animation film that celebrates the old time music of Frank Lee and Adam Tanner.  I was inspired by cutout silhouette animation and the quilt tradition of the Appalachian region.  Frank and Adam have several other traditional fiddle and banjo tunes that I would like to further explore with other animation methods, traditional and modern.


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Lake Simcoe Pines

This is a new film project based on my landscape sketching I have been doing around Lake Simcoe…

I will doing a series of these and weave them into a montage…



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Demo Reel retrospective

A highlight of my independent work…

Here are some of the highlights:

  • MTV’s Cartoon Sushi
  • CNN 12 Days of Christmas
  • $100,000 South Carolina Film Grant
  • 2 films in the 1999 CalArts Producers Show
  • Spike and Mike
  • Tech TV
  • IFC
  • PBS

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Time lapse sketching

This is from my ipad sketch series where I go out and draw on location.  Sketchbook Pro is an app for the ipad where now you can record the process which is something I find very useful in teaching others and also in documenting my technique.  As a film maker and landscape artist I find that I bridge two distinct skills but I hope to navigate through both as I truly enjoy both.

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